The Gracia Festival!


Sooooo much fun!!!!!!  The streets of Bario Gracia are decorated for the Gracia Festival once a year in August and the people of Barcelona go crazy.  Every street has a stage with live music and street performers.  Pop-up bars and glow in the dark art installations are spectacular as every street tries to out-perform the other.   Bring your stamina because it goes all night until the sun comes up and is definitely a wild and colourful night not to be missed!

Gracia is a Barcelona neighborhood, known for its bohemian/hipster vibe, lively bar and cafe scene, unique boutiques, bustling squares and “effortlessly cool” residents.  Well in advance of the Gracia Festival‘s opening ceremony, these residents begin preparing elaborate and colorful decorations- from giant paper mâché statues to delicate hanging lanterns- that correspond to the theme that they’ve chosen for their street.  They put in countless hours of labor in hopes that their hard work will render them winners of the prestigious award of “best decorated street,” based on the amount of creativity and originality that is displayed in their larger than life arts-and-craft projects.


The first reference of the Gracia Festival dates back to 1817, when Gracia was but a small, independent village, and not yet a part of Barcelona itself. Steeped in history and tradition, this Catalan “Festa” gives visitors an opportunity to get to know this one of a kind Barcelona neighborhood, all the while catching a glimpse of true Catalan culture at its finest.
Starting on the 15th, the district’s squares such as Plaza del Sola, Plaza Rius, and Taulat will house sports activities, rock, jazz and classical music concerts, food and wine tastings, and theater performances.

Firecrackers, drummers, cross-dressers, musicians, dancers what more could you want from a festival!