Bromley at Capocchi

Renowned Interiors emporium and Melbourne institution of decorations Capocchi, will collaborate with David Bromley to unveil a limited collection of furniture pieces spanning the 1760-1960 era. Fused with old world charm the hand painted canvases will feature Bromley’s distinctive nudes and original canvases applied to a variety upholstered pieces including beds, dining chairs, arm chairs, cabinets, book cases, lampshades, mirrors with hand painted and etched panels, vintage guitars and violin cases as floor and table lamps and other items handpicked from the Aladdin’s cave that is Capocchi.

A relationship spanning some years and a mutual admiration was the trigger for conversations in this collaboration between Capocchi and David Bromley. Philip and Liz Capocchi have been in business for 37 years and see this collaboration as a new opportunity to work alongside David and explore a new direction for Capocchi.  “ This is our first time collaborating with and artist and we are thrilled to launch with David. We have know David for over 4 years and we are inspired by his style and know this is the start of something wonderful. David shares a similar vision and drive and we are exciting to launch this collection exclusive to Capocchi’.

David Bromley original hand painted canvases on linen, inspired by an eclectic mix of imagery is the palette for the pieces which are currently being re-worked and the first installment of pieces will be unveiled to the public on Saturday 23rd of October.

In addition to the limited edition furniture pieces, David’s ceramics, quilts, cubes and shades will also be available at Capocchi along with trinkets and decorations that inspire along the way such as glass domes containing butterflies and cupie dolls.

The one-off pieces will be on display in the centre and front room at Capocchi with an expansive front window landscape to complement the launch. The collection will also be available to view online at and websites.