Eastment Street, Northcote: Billy Cart Race 2010

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  OH YEAH STEP ASIDE PETROL HEADS. Gotta love Eastment Street Billy Cart Race!  Though if you missed it you’ll have to wait another year.  It’s the annual Melbourne Cup Day Billy Cart Race.

Loved and adored by local Northcotolites this is fantastic day to watch the race off for the Eastment St trophy.  Bringing a crowd of 500 or more, outrageous racing outfits adorn all racers who hurtle from to top of a home-made ramp….continuing downhill to take out the ankles out a few innocent bystanders…to then cross the finishing line to then stack into a few strategically placed hay bales:   Crowd cheering all the way.

There’s even a fashion on the field for the ladies and the odd dog (canine dog) which becomes a dance-off….yes a dance-off!

A fab day out thanks guys.  Laughed all day and loved being part of the backstreet fun. Coming from someone who had a billy cart as a kid…..it just goes to show you’re never too old to get back on the wagon.

Eastment St. Billy Cart Race 2009 Photograph taken by Man Durphy

For more photographs by Man Durphy visit:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/monkeywithagun/4071169879/in/dateposted/