Art Sydney: The Highlights

CANVAS popped up to Sydney last weekend to check out Art Sydney Art Fair.  On display was a varied combination of ‘artist run’ and ‘gallery’ stands.


Marlon Dalton: light box diptych


Marlon Dalton with his stunning lightbox diptych inspired by the media onslaught on the young women of todays generation.  After asking Marlon if this work is one of an edition he told me that ‘no, it’s a one off’.  According to Dalton, the huge interest generated from this work has encouraged him to continue exploring this medium and create further ‘one off’ pieces.  Truly captivating and striking this piece stood out from the rest of the art fair, pricking my attention.  This is an artist to keep an eye on.

Toby Burrows: work form the 'fallen' exhibition


Toby Burrows absolutely stunning photographic works.  Seeing this work just makes me re-confirm why I love photography so much.  Beautifully set, capturing the beauty of both landscape and female figure and the movement of one within the other.  I was captivated by this body of work and I stood in front of it longer than any other at the fair.  Photographed with a precise technical ability and composure he has managed to capture what I would call ‘the essence of the free hearted female’, a very impressive accomplishment.

Emma Hack


Emma Hack’s work on the Frances Keevil stand was outstanding with a documentary  on view in which she explained her detailed and very involved artistic process.  When looking at her works Hack makes it look so simple, however, after speaking with her and having an understanding of her practice, it really makes you appreciate the additional lengths and dedication she has committed herself to, providing her audience with work that is refreshingly different.  She is also a delight to chat to, taking the time to discuss her process and dedication to her artform from the sourcing of wallpapers to the application on paint to her model.  Body paint like you’ve never seen it before.  Very inspiring.  We love Emma Hack!  Keep up the good work!

The David Bromley Stand

The David Bromley Stand was like an installation of the Bromley dream world which never ceases to entice people into it’s universe of imagination, childhood and colour.

As an event to show galleries such as Tony Bond Fine Art, Art Equity and Tim Olsen Gallery alongside self-promoted artists such as Francesca Gnagnarella, Marlon Dalton and Toby Burrows, this art fair offers a variety of artworks for the varied budget and interest.  If you are an avid collector or keen on beginning an art collection, these art fairs are a very handy way of meeting gallery directors, private dealers and artists all in the one venue….a chance to have answered all your questions you may have about collecting, and becoming involved in the Australian art scene.

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