Erotica: curated by Jessica Williams

Erotica brings together a diverse range of contemporary, antique, modern and tribal artworks that explore the ancient urge to express the erotic and sexual dimension of human experience through visual media. The exhibition also explores the liminal spaces between the genres of erotic, pornography, obscenity and the nude, exploring how these borders can shift with changing cultural perspectives.

The exhibition features contemporary works by , Del Kathryn BARTON, Godwin BRADBEER, Dagmar CYRULLA, Tamara DEAN, Robert MALHERBE, Mark SCHALLER, Jenny RODGERSON, Cash BROWN, Jun CHEN, Kirsten FREDERICKS, Leah EMERY, Jo DARBISHIRE, Tiffany WINTERBOTTOM, Bill HENSON and Graham FRANSELLA amongst others. These artists create works that explore different aspects of human sexuality, making images that range from the sensual and evocative, playful, to the explicit and confronting.

While exploring contemporary responses to the genre of erotica, this exhibition also brings together an eclectic range of erotica from various geographic regions and historic periods, highlighting how different cultures have interpreted sexuality in art through the ages.

The ancient Japanese tradition of erotic art, known as shunga, features strongly with woodblock prints from the 19th century along with ceramic sculptural pieces. Other highlights include vintage erotic photography from the 1950s, risqué French lithographic images from the popular press, delicate 20th century Parisian etchings, and ancient Greco-Roman ceramic plaques that describe animated sexual scenes.

A rare and complex exhibition that raises questions and crosses boundaries – not to be missed.

WHEN: February 4 – 26, 2011

WHERE: James Makin Gallery, 67 Cambridge St, Collingwood VIC 3066

CONTACT: Jessica Williams, Curator  T: (03) 0400 667 213 for a private preview.