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WHERE: James Makin Gallery, Melbourne

WHEN: 10 November – 3 December, 2011

GODWIN BRADBEER:  Intermezzo  November 10 – December 3 2011

Stark and mysterious, Godwin Bradbeerʼs latest exhibition of drawings at James Makin Gallery continues his extraordinary investigation of the physical and metaphysical human form. After a highly successful show at James Makin Gallery in 2010, he returns with a series of over 12 new and technically impressive works in his latest show Intermezzo.

MILAN MILOJEVIC:  Other Worlds and Curiosities,  November 10 – December 3, 2011

Milan Milojevic’s work contains a cast of mythical hybrid creatures that have existed in art and literature since antiquity, and in this solo exhibition he has created a fantastic universe filled with invented flora and fauna. His ‘other worlds’ are rendered through combining the latest digital printmaking technologies layered with etching and woodcut techniques, in an innovative combination of old and new approaches. The artist often draws on 18th-19th century engravings and woodcuts that documented flora and fauna from the New World, created as naturalists attempted to describe foreign, alien looking natural forms. This exhibition sees Milojevic continue his investigation into an imaginative universe that leaps off the sheet with electric colour and kaleidoscopic intensity…….. more.

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