Andy Goldstein: Vivir en la Tierra

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Vivir en la Tierra (Living on Land), by Andy Goldstein is a traveling exhibition of 65 large scale photographs that is touring several Latin American cities. The images were also published in a 2012 book titled Vivir en la Tierra by the Buenos Aires-based Edhasa publishing house.  CANVAS discovered this exhibition while it was in Cartagena, Colombia and thought it a must to share with our readers.

Argentine photographer Andy Goldstein travelled to 30 makeshift settlements in 14 Latin American countries to invite residents to pose for photos, however they wished, in their residences.  A total of 210 people agreed which created an exhibition with a powerful reminder of present day poverty and the living conditions of many South American families.  These photographs depict the unique utilisation of limited space, objects held dear and the faces of those living in hardship.  Some visibly haunted  yet others happy despite their surroundings.  It is impossible to look at these images without wondering what will happen to these people,  the future of their children and how they will survive.   read more….

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