Galerie Montmartre Presents – QUAREZ!


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Never before seen in Australia, the Quarez collection is a culmination of our many years sourcing, accumulating, dealing with, and simply loving original vintage posters!

Vivid and demanding attention, physical, urban. The posters of Michel Quarez are an uncompromising study in advertising, liberated from detail or the superfluous, dealing directly with the subject at hand. This is modern poster art, a visual combination of word and image delivered with a splash of wit, utmost immediacy, and a whole lot of neon colour.

Michel Quarez has received numerous international prizes, most notably gold at the Poster Biennale at Toyama in 1991, the Grand Prix National des Arts Graphiques in 1992, and the ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations) Excellence Award in 2005 for the posters he designed for the Paris suburb of Bobigny.

WHERE:  Lamington Drive, 15-25 Keele St, Collingwood, Mlebourne

WHEN: Wednesday July 31 — Friday August 2, 11am-6pm + Saturday August 3, 12-5pm

For more info visit

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