VIV MILLER: Innermosts

Where:  Gallery 9, Sydney

When:  23 September – 17 October 2015

Viv Miller’s paintings and drawings are characterised by an idiosyncratic use of abstract and representational approaches. Her work draws influences from a range of Western and Asian art traditions, as well as imagery from the natural world, computer graphics and cel animation.

Innermosts presents a suite of paintings that range in size and veer from the sparsely detailed to the intricately dense. They variously complement, contrast and act as reversals of each other.  These pieces reveal a new development in Miller’s practice, emboldening their hold on patterning, colour and space.  Within the work, the cave becomes a central motif, chosen for the way in which it might invite us to view the paintings as spaces of entry or enclave, but also as sites of emptiness. As Miller explains, “the paintings test out and play with layers of depth, both physically and figuratively.”

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