Light Conversation


Taking light as a primary focus, Light Conversation is an collaborative exhibition with Victoria Wareham and Fiona West.  It aims to create narratives between the studio outputs of these two practitioners to investigate haptic relationships to light, space and the moving image.

Consisting of large perforated static window vinyls, a series of intimate projections onto silk and sand and large scale immersive 16mm film installation, this exhibition uses a combination of handcrafted and digital processes to explore the delicate ability of light to transform space and influence perception.

In this exploratory environment, the selected pieces aim to generate new transformative ways of experiencing light-based works that attempt to challenge our understanding of the point at which image and object meet.

Portable LED projectors have been a hit with contemporary installation artists like Wareham and West who are finding new ways to create digital artworks, introducing the projector as the artwork itself and not just a tool by which to display it.

Exhibitions such as Light Conversation and public platforms like White Night, Luxlumin, Channels Festival and Gertrude St Projection Festival showcase the growing appreciation and interest in digital projection, its applications and most interestingly, our relationship to light.


Where:  POP Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

When:   4 – 15th April 2018

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