Luke Sciberras: Beaches and Boabs

180403_LUKE_ART_037 CMYK Morning Glory, Fat Boabs, WA, oil on board, 120 x 160cm

Upcoming in May is an exhibition of recent paintings and works on paper by Luke Sciberras, opening at Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne.

After having the pleasure of designing the catalogue for this exhibition I have seen a preview of what is to be included and I must say I’m very excited.  The stunning  colour and movement is what hits me first.  They so beautifully depict the hues of Australian northern coastlines.  Turquoise waters, pink, ochre and warm golden landscapes and midnight blue evenings. Brazen and delicate bush strokes depicting the Beaches and Boabs of Sciberras’ recent travels to the Osborne Islands in northern Western Australia.

180403_LUKE_ART_046 CMYK Nightfall, Osborne Islands, WA, oil on board, 120 x 160cm

As I travel year after year out to and in to the landscape I have begun to realise that my painterly approach to any sense of place is becoming more and more complex, more and more about the previous occupants and incarnations of a landscape… 

…Every place has its own pace and pulse as every painting has its own tone and character, such is the enduring enchantment with painting. (Luke Sciberras 2015)

180403_LUKE_ART_024 CMYK Boab on Steep Head, WA, oil on board, 120 x 160cm

Inspired by the interwoven experience of local community and the pristine nature of the Kimberley coast itself, the paintings echo Sciberras’ strong connection to the Australian landscape and his ability to represent it’s beauty in paint.

Emotive, transportive and simply stunning.

Where:Scott Livesey Galleries , 909a High St. Armadale, Melbourne.

When: 16th May – 9th June 2018

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