Cathyann Coady

In the flower power era of the 1960’s ‘drugs’ escaped the poultice, came out of the medicine cupboard and partied. Recreational drugs were the cornerstones of the hippy lifestyle. Less control meant freedom from ultra conservative views and the pathway to enlightenment.

In the suburbs where responsibility was a premium commodity for success drugs were a way of maintaining decorum and physical endurance. Has much changed on the surface of our western societies? What we wanted then we can get quicker now. The pathway to success is never easy but it can be pain free!

Drugs have placed themselves firmly at the nexus of a new frontier in sustainable living. The stigma still lingers but it’s being overshadowed by the hope they offer to live better and longer with less down times.

This piece is not a declaration of the right or wrong but a statement of our fragility.

Cathyann Coady 2011

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  1. Will says:

    Love these Marilyn’s. Has a very vintage feel to it. Cant wait to see the full works in exhibition in July!


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