Clare Whitney

Clare Whitney studied Fine Art at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1991-1993, R.M.I.T, where she majored in painting.

Since completing her degree in 1994, she has travelled,lived and worked over the years in Western Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Fiji.

Throughout her travels Clare set up working studios and taught painting in local schools and community groups, from very young children to adults.

These experiences allowed her the opportunity to express and exhibit her own artworks both interstate and abroad. Influenced by her immediate environment and personal experience; the landscape, human figure, and organic forms are captured and translated through rich colours and symbolic shapes on canvas and paper.

Images of insects, birds and fish represent other ‘worlds’ that co-exist alongside mankind. Clare’s images illustrate the ideal of man/woman becoming one with these ‘worlds’ once again.

Clare Whitney now resides in Melbourne and works from her studio in the heart of the city.

Dedicating herself full time to her art, she continues to create and exhibit recent works from her studio and galleries throughout Melbourne.

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