Robin Astley


Robin Astley, The Commission 2010, pencil ink and acrylic on paper, 250 x 150cm


Robin’s work traditionally looks at the human condition with a focus on four main themes; birth, marriage, death and war – often considered the ‘Inevitabilities of life’.  This new series of paintings for exhibition at Red Gallery consider not only the effects and consequences of conflict and war but also its own unique visual aesthetic codes and motifs.

Her 2009 exhibition around the concept of birth, marriage and death were again produced on paper and on a very minature scale however the 10 paintings for the forthcoming show measure 250mm x 150mm and this monumental scale is a significant shift in practice, allowing the figures to be ‘life-sized’ and providing the opportunity to make the imagery more complex.

These new paintings utilise a number of mediums (pencil, ink and paint) and techniques including layering and then etching imagery into wet paint over dry backgrounds. The imagery is both ‘real’ and ‘surreal’ in that figures are suspended in impossible situations.

Robin will be exhibiting new works on paper at RED Gallery from 3 to 20 November 2010

For for more information on this artist contact CANVAS:

Solo Exhibitions

2010      When victory looks like defeat, Red Gallery, Melbourne

2008     Hatches, matches and dispatches, Red Gallery, Melbourne

2007     The immaculate misconception, Red Gallery, Melbourne

2005     Art in Public Places, Melbourne

1999      The Reconstruction of an Apparently Simple Phenomenon, West Space, Melbourne

1998     Sequentialism, Stop 22, Melbourne

1997     Utilitarianism, West Space, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2010     Artists for Kids, Melbourne, BrighSpace, Melbourne

2010     Williamstown Art Prize, Substation, Melbourne

2009     Hutchins Prize, Long Gallery, Hobart

2009     The Blake Prize, Directors’ Cut

2009     Artists for Kids, Melbourne

2009     R & M McGivern Prize, Maroondah Art Gallery

2009     Williamstown Art Prize, Substation, Melbourne

2008     Williamstown Art Prize, Substation, Melbourne

2007      McCulloch Gallery, Melbourne

2005      Art in Public Places, Melbourne

2004      West Space, A4 Art

2000      Greatness Bound, Melbourne

1999        Stop 22’s Greatest Hits, Stop 22, Melbourne

1999        West Space, Melbourne

1999        The Hutchins Art Prize, Tasmania

1998        West Space, Melbourne

1997         Shell Art Prize, Melbourne

1997        A4, West Space, Melbourne

Collections & Commissions

The Hutchins School, Tasmania

Julian Burnside

Janet Holmes à Court (personal collection)

National Scouts Association –mural (Newport, Victoria 2008)


B. Lit. (Fine Art), Melbourne University (2 units to complete)

Bachelor of Arts : Visual Arts, Deakin University

Grad Dip. Ed : Art/Religion

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