A vision of colour: Jorge Selarón

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For over 20 years Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón has transformed the stairs of Lapa, Rio De Janeiro with a mosaic of thousands of coloured tiles and murals known as The Selarón Steps.

Starting in 1990, his vision has breathed colour and life into what was once a very run down and depressed area.  He continued his labor of love over the years, living off the money earned from painting portraits (he claimed he painted 25,000 since 1977) and the donation of thousands of tiles from people all over the world, becoming a popular attraction with travellers, locals and artists.

Sadly last week Jorge Selarón died at the site of his beautiful creation.  The local community feeling the loss of their eccentric visionary artist have been paying their respects with candles and flowers.

The story of Jorge Selarón is a simple yet inspiring one.  Dedicating his life to completing the stairs as a personal tribute to the Brazilian people, his artistic legacy is a reminder that colour can transform the way in which we look at ourselves and space we live in.


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