Figueres and the Dali Theatre-Museum

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For those who don’t know, Dali created a Theatre-Museum of his works in Figueres a small town in Spain up near the French border.  It holds a number of his well known published works and also a few random others which are also interesting including his sculpture and jewellery. The large scale work on canvas in the main hall titled ‘Gala’ (1947) is in fact monstrous in size and has immediate impact.  The smaller rooms in particular the little red painted room to the left of the immense ‘Gala’ painting has some of my favourite early small works on board on exhibition.  Find a chair to sit down in to view the painted ceiling on the second floor ‘The Palace of the Wind’ (1974).  You could easily look up at it for hours taking in the intense palate and illusionary imagery of Dali’s work…..feeling it drawing you up into his world like a vortex into another dimension of time and reality.

It’s well worth the road trip (take the coastal road via Tossa del Mar) to see this museum if you are a lover of Dali however be prepared to be put off by the Russian female tourists posing like supermodels in front of each of the masterpieces.


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