SONYA FU: Dreams and Spirituality

Growing up in the former British Colony where East meets West, Fu has been influenced by both Oriental and Western culture.

Commencing her full time professional art practice in 2010, Fu has exhibited in galleries and international art fairs across Hong Kong, China, America, Australia and Europe. Her work has been featured in many art publications and she has been endorsed by a number of leading Hong Kong publications as a notable emerging artist.

Fu’s chosen medium-digital painting-encompasses an intricate technique which Fu paints with very detailed and delicate brushwork.The finished digital artwork is produced as limited edition archival prints for a broader audience and collectors to enjoy and acquire the work. Fu has recently employed new printing methods such as Diasec and 3D Lenticular, these exquisite processes further enrich the depth and colors in Fu’s vibrant digital delights.

Being heavily inspired by her dreams and spirituality, Fu blends her subject matters with symbolic metaphors and the unseen beauties she encounters during a hypnagogic state – the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. All of this combined introduces an eerie and obscure atmosphere in Fu’s visual narratives.

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