Adam Nudelman: Archiving the Nights

Reconstructing the Submerged Cathedral, 2011, oil on linen, 120.5 x 180.5mm

2011 John Glover Prize Finalist, Adam Nudelman, returns to the gallery with his latest exhibition, Archiving the Nights. This body of work builds upon his ongoing concerns in representing the natural world, while making subtle symbolic reference to our human interaction with it. Nudelman is known for his serene landscapes featuring rigid metal structures that seem incongruous with their organic surroundings, suggesting an incursion of modernity into nature His work also establishes a discourse with notions surrounding immigration and cultural identity through the metaphorical associations imbued in the structures he depicts. Due to his exploration of cultural identity, Nudelman is featured in the major current exhibition, Identity: yours, mine, ours at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne.

This series of works responds to often familiar architectural structures, which ranges from Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings, Melbourne’s Princess Pier where the majority of Melbourne’s migrant population were first processed upon landing on Australian shores, to the working class cottages of suburban Melbourne.

Nostalgic and surreal qualities exist in his landscapes which draw upon the connection between man and nature. These meditative paintings contain sensitive and beautifully rendered depictions of the marshy coastline surrounding Port Albert, a quiet beachside town east of Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria, along with the more dramatic landscape of the central Tasmanian highands.

Nudelman graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 1995 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting). He has had regular exhibitions in Melbourne since 1999 and is held in private and public collections including National Museum, Canberra; Australian Jewish Museum, Melbourne; United Energy, Melbourne and City of Darebin, Melbourne amongst others.

WHEN: 2-25 June 2011
WHERE:  James Makin Gallery, Melbourne


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