CLAIRE BRIDGE: Future Memory

All memory is imagination.

Memory is a portal through time and space. Memory is a fluid, sensuous time machine. We pull memories out of orbit, like asteroids or planets circling our every moment and return them re-freshed, re-membered and infused with re-imagining. Memory is a vessel holding our moments of past, present and future, through which we slip in and out.

 Imagination and memory are twins.

 In this new body of works ‘Future Memory’, I seek to bring forward a sense of memory and imagination, a sensuous awareness, going beyond replication or duplication of the literal. I explore the sense of how it is to be in that memory, to bring the essence distilled of a moment or of many moments, enlivened by imagination in the remembering.

 Inspired by my time in the heartland desert of Lake Mungo, billabongs and wetlands of Hattah, to the lakes in eastern Victoria, these works are of being immersed, surrendered and dissolving into landscape, expressing a communion with our natural world akin to being in love. The focus shifts, to a feeling of being, a rising hope, the promise of dawn, the hush and radiance of a misty morning, an overflowing, a blurring of edges and dissolving into all that is, the mysterious wonder, a feeling of belonging, coming home. Beyond the veils of separateness. What is remembered of us. This is where the future spills.

When: 4 – 22 August 2015

Where: Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Artist Talk: Saturday 8 August at 1:30pm at Flinders Lane Gallery. The talk will be Auslan/English interpreted

Editor: Jessica Velasquez
Editor: Jessica Velasquez


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