Godwin Bradbeer: Pentimenti

The Episode version 2

WHERE:  James Makin Gallery, Melbourne

WHEN:  12th April 2013 – 11th May 2013

For more information visit:   www.jamesmakingallery.com

In this major solo exhibition at James Makin Gallery, Pentimenti, Godwin Bradbeer presents a series of new drawings, and sculptural and installation based work which continues his ongoing exploration into the metaphysical possibilities present within the human form. Bradbeer’s practice highlights the flawed struggle of hand rendered figuration in contrast to the impossibly perfected surfaces of commercial digital culture, and in doing so provides a moving testament to the enigmatic nature of our flawed human beauty.

This exhibition also features a major work entitled Tabula Rasa, comprised of 145 masonite blackboards installed in the gallery. In this work Bradbeer has excavated and assembled a ‘suburban archaeology’. Salvaged from the now derelict Camp Meadows Primary School in Broadmeadows, Melbourne where the artist attended primary school as a child, each board resonates with its own unique personal history. Bradbeer has responded to the existing marks, scratches, images, and words by developing and expanding upon them through the drawn mark, or in some instances leaving the boards untouched. The result is an artwork redolent with history, personal and profound, which bears the visible imprint of the community upon it.

Image: Godwin Bradbeer, The Episode – Oblivion (2013), chinagraph, silver oxide, pastel on paper


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